A Quick Sketch - Weichen Wang

I am a third year PhD student in astronomy and astrophysics at Johns Hopkins University. My current research focuses on understanding the spatial distribution of multiple physical components that constitute distant galaxies (new-born stars, dust, gas, and dark matter). I use data from available large extragalactic surveys that are conducted on the Hubble Space Telescope (CANDELS, 3D-HST, etc) and the Keck Telescope.

I work with Dr. Susan Kassin at Space Telescope Science Institute. I also keep collaboration with Prof. Sandy Faber at University of California, Santa Cruz.

Before coming to Baltimore, I spent my college life at Tsinghua University, where I worked at Tsinghua Center for Astrophysics with Prof. Shude Mao on gravitational lensing in Beijing (Find a roasted duck here).

Milky Way and Andromeda at Apache Point Observatory, New Mexico,
photo taken during the JHU student observation tour in 2016.